Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Window CleaningWindow Clean UK is a National service provider for Industrial, commercial and retail window cleaning, supporting a client base of facility managers and facility management companies across the UK.

Our experience in our service sector allows us to strategically assess every requirement, the logistics, risks involved and method required to provide a safe and unrivalled service. Our wide range of window cleaning and strategic access solutions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each building and each client.

The current scope of window cleaning services range from small single units to large corporate portfolios from a national platform across the UK.

  • Commercial Window Cleaning

Our foundation as a company was based on commercial window cleaning encompassing all the aspects required within that service sector, working on many prominent sites such as the Battleship Building, London’s Covent Garden, Kensington & Chelsea borough Buildings, Monsoon Accessorize Head Offices, The Talk Talk Building, 02 Corporate and many more. Working at height is our roots and our safety record is impeccable.

  • Retail window Cleaning

We were awarded our first National retail contract in 2005 with Telefonica servicing every 02 Mobile Phone store in the UK and Ireland on a weekly basis. The 3 year contract was won again for a second 3 year term and extended for 2 years, a total of 8 years of service with first class service levels. Our second National contract was for Thomson & First Choice on a 3 year term which was extended for 2 years. Additionally we service many more retail stores on a regional basis making us one of the top providers in the UK.

  • Abseiling / Rope Access

Working via rope access techniques is the safest method and generally the most cost effective way to clean high level glazing and we are now encompassing many more services using this method such as Banner erection and general building maintenance. Our teams are led by a Level 3 Trainer and the majority of our operatives hold a level 3 certificate of competence.

  • PASMA / Mobile Scaffold Towers

Specific operatives for specific tasks, as with our rope access operatives we have members of the teams that hold PASMA tickets, having been trained on the correct use of a mobile scaffold tower, erection and dismantle.

  • IPAF / Mobile Elevated Platforms or Cherry Pickers

IPAF training covers the safe operation of lorry mounted access platforms and mobile platforms such as a Spider, Genie, and Scissor lifts. Again our operatives are specifically trained and only work on the equipment they have been trained on. We can provide a machine for every occasion, requirement, height and outreach.

  • Fixed Cradles

After cleaning many high rise buildings, the fixed cradle can come in many shapes, sizes, age and condition. Our operatives have probably seen most of them and although they have a wealth of experience training is required specifically for each cradle specific to the building it’s fixed on. Cradles are expensive to maintain for the building owners and it is often the case that we are able to offer abseiling as an alternative method.

  • Water Fed Poles / Ladders

With Health & Safety in mind and with the introduction of cleaning with Water Fed Poles to reduce and virtually eliminate the use of ladders, we took on board this innovative method as soon as it was introduced to the market. If there is a safer way of cleaning available, that is the method you should be using, so although we still use ladders, cleaning with Water Fed Poles has taken precedence and all of our vehicles are equipped with the latest systems.

  • Traditional Window Cleaning

Last but not least, the first and best method of cleaning a window in the traditional way using a T Bar Mop and Squeegee. The real issue is how you get to the window safely in the first place and that is what we specialise in.


Health & safety

In the final instance we are all held responsible for what our operatives do whilst working on your building and the H&S executive will hold our client equally responsible in the event that something unthinkable should happen. We could not sleep at night and we would cease trading if we thought that we did not have the best interests of our operatives and our client in mind in everything we do. We choose to do it right or not do it at all.

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