Hot & Cold Pressure Washing

Hot & Cold Pressure WashingWe specialize in hot & cold pressure washing/steam cleaning of exterior surfaces using the latest cleaning equipment

We will restore the surfaces of your building to their former glory, leaving you with a good first impression to you property or business

We can carry out industrial pressure washing or steam cleaning services to any surface including, stone, paving, facades, cladding, tarmac, decking, render, timber cladding, petrol stations, roofs, smoking areas, compactor areas and service yards and any other surface covered in grime dirt and algae.

No job is too big or too small, we can also carry out works at any height via rope access or from mobile access platforms.

Over many years, the exterior of buildings can become affected by a built up of dirt from the environment.

We use a range of specialist methods to clean more sensitive buildings.

Dry Ice Blasting

We use a dry ice blasting method to clean oak beams. This method gently but remove layers of paint and grime from wooden beams, restoring them back to their original condition without any smoothing of the wood.

JOS/TORC Cleaning

JOS/TORC cleaning is a patented cleaning process which is effective for cleaning both interior and exterior surfaces of listed and old buildings. The JOS/TORC cleaning method is great for listed building maintenance as it is chemical free, gentle, efficient and causes no damage to the substrate surface.

JOS/TORC can be used to clean the following:

  • Stone and brick
  • Concrete
  • Terracotta
  • Ceramic tiles and glass
  • Copper, brass, bronze, aluminum
  • Removal of lime and cement-based paints
  • Removal of paint residues
  • Removal of oil based paints
  • Removal of bitumen

DOFF Cleaning

DOFF cleaning is a great complement to the JOS cleaning system. The DOFF cleaning method uses a combination of heat and pressure to remove surface pollutants on listed buildings and buildings of historical interest. The DOFF Cleaning method does this without damaging the underlying surface.

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